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Blade Sharpening Service • Replacement Blades at Great Prices

If you need one-time cutter blade sharpening, regularly scheduled blade sharpening maintenance service, or an affordable blade replacement program, Poly/Sharp has the experience, expertise, knowledge and wide blade brand selection to keep you cutting longer.


Poly/Sharp has over 30 years of experience, the equipment and the properly trained personnel to meet all of your blade sharpening needs. Our precision sharpening allows you to get the optimum cutting performance you need from all brands of industrial cutting equipment.

Replacement Blades

Get the top quality cutter replacement blades you need from a wide range of knife manufacturers for nearly any brand of cutter. You're sure to find exactly the knife you need. And we'll deliver your replacement blades to you anywhere in the United States.

Printing/Paper Cutter Blades - sharpening and replacement
Plastics Blades and Knives - sharpening and replacement
Metal Shear Blades - sharpening and replacement

Call now and ask us how Poly/Sharp can be your complete blade solution.
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